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In accordance with Order of OJSC NK Rosneft No. 149 dated April 24, 2007, on June 1, 2007, the sole member, OJSC NK Rosneft took a decision to create RN-Service LLC. An entry was made in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on the state registration of the Company on June 5, 2007. Due to the acquisition of new service assets and the definition of the principles for the reorganization of the Company's oil and gas producing companies, Order of OJSC NK Rosneft No. 379 dated August 15, 2007 defining the development of RN-Service LLC was issued.

For the period from 2007 to 2014. there was an increase in the number of members from 1 to 8 and a gradual increase in the authorized capital of the Company from 10 thousand rubles to 11,250,638 thousand rubles. In 2007, seven branches were established in the Tomsk Region, KhMAO-Yugra, the Samara Region, the Krasnodar Territory, the Komi Republic, YaNAO, the Sakhalin Region.

In 2008, 3 branches were established in the Stavropol Territory, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Udmurt Republic.

In 2009, the reorganization of subsidiaries was carried out in the form of a merger in the Samara Region, in KhMAO-Yugra. In 2010, the reorganization of subsidiaries was carried out in the form of a merger in the Tomsk Region.

 In 2014, 3 service companies were acquired    Weatherford (KhMAO-Yugra, Orenburg Region).   3 subsidiaries of municipal services were sold. 

In 2015, the following reorganizations were carried out: Technological Transport CJSC in the form of conversion to a limited liability company,  SpetsTechTrans LLC in the form of a merger with Technological Transport LLC. 

In 2016, RN-Service LLC was reorganized iby merging with 12 enterprises:  Mamontovsky KRS LLC,  PRS LLC,  URS-Samara LLC, KNG-Remont LLC,  PNG-KRS LLC, Usinskiy KRS LLC, SPRS LLC,  Stavropolsky KRS LLC, ChNS LLC, UKRS LLC, Property-Service-Samara LLC,  Property-Service-Nefteyugansk LLC. 3 branches were established: in Nijnevartovsk, in Nyagan, in Buzuluk.

In 2017, a branch in Ufa was established. Subsidiaries were sold. The reorganization of the subsidiary RN-Remont NPO was completed by merging with Yuganskneftepromburservis LLC, NPR LLC, Samara-Elektro-Service LLC,  PNG-Neftepromservis LLC,  Usinsk-Neftepromremont LLC, OMZ LLC, Stavropol-Neftemont LLC. The authorized capital of the subsidiary company RN-Remont NPO was increased. Contracts have been signed to transfer the powers of the sole executive body of Samara ITC LLC and KNG-Mashzavodservis JSC to the managing organization RN-Remont NPO LLC.

In 2018, RN-Service LLC was reorganized by merging with Targin 1 LLC, created as a result of the reorganization of  Targin JSC in the form of a spin-off with simultaneous merger. As a result of the merger of Targin 1 LLC,  RN-Service LLC became the sole member of: RN-Transport LLC, Targin KRS LLC and Targin Mekhanoservis LLC. The reorganization of RN-Transport LLC was completed in the form of merging with KNG-Kubanskoye UTT LLC, PNG-Transport LLC, SUTT LLC, Stavropolskoye UTT LLC, Transport-Otradny-2 LLC, Usinskoye UTT LLC,  UTT-2 LLC, UAT-1 LLC. The reorganization of RN-Service LLC was completed in the form of merging with Targin KRS LLC. The reorganization of RN-Remont LLC was completed in the form of merging with Targin-Mekhanoservis LLC.