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Cynologists and the East Siberian Oil and Gas Company Save Endangered Husky Breed

21 February 2022

With the support of the East Siberian Oil and Gas Company (an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company), cynologists have saved the breed of Evenki indigenous husky, which was on the verge of extinction. After three years of breeding work at a kennel at Omoro Lake in the Evenki District of Krasnoyarsk Territory, the breeders managed to establish a historical genotype and get the first offspring of four puppies, which fully meet the standard of the unique breed.

Supporting the indigenous minorities of the North to preserve their national culture, traditional way of life and improve their living conditions is one of the main areas of Rosneft’s social activities in its operating regions.

Since 2019, the Kuyumbinskoye Society of Hunters has been carrying out the project called “Revival of the Evenki indigenous husky”. It also conducts traditional activities of the region. The breeding centre at Omoto Lake, located in the Evenki taiga, is best suited for breeding dogs with hunting qualities. From the age of four months, the pups are exposed to the natural environment and learn to interact in pairs with humans. The centre also has special crates, food and necessary materials for breeding and maintenance of the Evenki indigenous husky. The breed has been revived through the method of the distinguished Siberian cynologist Boris Korneichuk, who suggested cross-breeding dogs from remote settlements. Cynologists organised five expeditions to the herders’ camps of Surinda and other settlements, where animals with typical Evenki husky features were identified. Narrow-breeding, which involves buying out the characteristics of admixtures of other breeds, has produced the first offspring in many years that fully meets the standard of Evenkia indigenous husky approved by the Federation of Hunting Dog Breeding of Russia.

According to representatives of the ancestral communities of the indigenous peoples of the North, the preservation of the indigenous husky is a key factor in maintaining the traditional way of life of future generations of the Evenks.

Note for Editors:

The Evenki indigenous husky is distinguished by its endurance and wide hunting specialisation, enabling the hunter and the dog to survive in the harsh conditions of the Arctic taiga. Unlike other breeds of huskies, Evenki husky’s fur is very thick and warm, which helps the dog to chase and watch for prey for many hours, even in extremely cold temperatures. They are one of the few breeds that can fend off a bear attack, protecting humans and young domestic deer. The colour of the Evenki husky is predominantly white with spots, as this coat distinguishes the dog from the wolf and does not frighten domestic deer.

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February 21, 2022

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